Employee Retention and the Automation of County Services

This past Tuesday afternoon, I was pleased to weigh in at the weekly MCC meeting on a contract proposal seeking to automate a workflow in the GIS office. As our residents may know, staffing challenges in the Planning and GIS departments have increased employee workload to an unmanageable level. When asked, I offered my opinion that the proposed expenditure is a relative bargain given the proposed reduction in effort for our existing staff. Those tasks which previously took an average of two hours will soon be completed in fewer than ten minutes.

Pursuing measurable cost savings through the automation of repetitive tasks is the backbone of my plan for the county. Respect for our county employees mandates investment in their learning and productivity. Perhaps the greatest threat we face is not our inability to fill job vacancies but rather our potential to lose valued employees as they decide to move on to other opportunities. My sincere hope is that through a combination of continuing education, mutual respect, and targeted investment, the county can preserve its current workforce and attract the type of talent we need moving forward.

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